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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a homeowner's association and what is its purpose?
Homeowner's associations are non-profit corporations that exist to help preserve property values through architectural controls, design guidelines and deed restrictions. Additionally, associations provide for the maintenance of common areas and community facilities.

Who are the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is made up of homeowners elected by members of the Homeowner's Association, and serve a one year term. The elections are held at the HOA General Meeting.  They serve as the governing body for the subdivision, and do not receive compensation of any kind.  The by-laws contain information on their duties and provide details of how the board operates. Click here to get a copy of the by-laws.

What if I have questions?

Please contact the Belmor Lakes HOA Administrator for any questions or concerns you may have:

Belmor Lakes HOA Administrator- Carra Nowell
Phone:     901.482.5582


What are covenants and do I have to abide by them?

Protective covenants are rules that govern the association and its members. The deed restrictions and architectural controls set forth in the Declaration of Covenants ensure the preservation of the original architectural design and neighborhood values. Simply put, YES, you do have to abide by them. Failure to do so can result in fines and, if not paid, can lead to a "lein" on your property.  This will render it non-transferable when you attempt to close a sale of your property.

You should have received a copy of the Declaration of Covenants for the Belmor Lakes subdivision when you closed on your home. If you did not receive it, you can download  a copy here.

How much are Annual Dues?

Dues for the Belmor Lakes HOA are currently assessed in advance at $600 per year and are to be paid by October 31st.  The dues paid are for the upcoming calendar year.   If you have questions or need to discuss payment arrangements, please contact the Belmor Lakes HOA Administrator- Carra Nowell at or 901.482.5582.

What do my dues pay for?

Your homeowner's dues pay for:

  • Landscape maintenance (irrigation, flower changes, mowing, weed treatments)

  • Specialty Lighting (College Rd. and Dunn Ln. Entrance, Fountains, Street Lights)

  • Common Area Maintenance

  • Association Meetings

  •  Website Hosting and Domain Name

  • Legal Fees

  • Administrative Costs

  • Tax Preparation and Audits

  • Maintenance and Repair Projects

  • HOA Management Fees

How do I pay my annual dues?
Dues may be paid by check, debit/credit card (via PayPal). Checks can be mailed to:

Belmor Lakes HOA
P.O. Box 1007
Olive Branch, MS  38654 
Click here to pay directly through our website.


 Do I need approval to make exterior improvements to my property?

Yes. Any alterations or additions to the exterior of your property must be approved in writing by the HOA Board of Directors. Improvements include, but are not limited to, fences, pools, and detached garages.

What if I make changes to my property without HOA Board approval?

Homeowners must seek the HOA Board of Director approval in writing before making external changes to their property. If you make changes without approval, your investment could be at risk. Additionally, if your modifications are outside the guidelines of the Covenants, you may be required to remove or reverse your improvement.

If I get a building permit from the city, do I still need HOA Board approval?

Yes. Approval from the city of Olive Branch does not constitute approval from the HOA Board of Directors. The HOA Board requires that your plans be submitted in writing for review.

If the HOA Board approves a modification for my neighbor, can I assume that the same modification will be approved for me?

No.  Each property and project is different. Applications are reviewed based on the individual characteristics and circumstances for each property. Always get approval before making changes to your property.

What does the HOA Board base its decisions on?

  • They base their decisions on the standards set forth in the Belmor Lakes Declaration of Covenants which include the following:

  • Quality of workmanship, materials, and structural design.

  • The conformity and harmony of the external design, color, type and appearance of  exterior surfaces.

  • Landscaping in relation to the various parts of the proposed improvements, and in relation to improvements on other lots.

  • Other standards set forth within the Covenants.

Who do I call to report a problem with a streetlight?

Street lights in Belmor Lakes are provided by NorthCentral Electric Power Association. Make note of the address or intersection where the light is located before you call. They can be contacted at 662.838.2151. Any homeowner can report an outage.


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